‘Conifer and the Bear’s Skin’ is a family-friendly colourful theatre show full of Christmas spirit, which was first performed on the Strand Arts Centre stage in December 2017. There were lots of emotional moments, singing and dancing for everybody. The performance was followed by arts & crafts workshops and a chance to sample traditional Polish Christmas cakes for free! It was performed in English by Abroad Way Theatre group based in Belfast in co-operation with AD Media & Events.

Grzegorz Adamek – script writer, director, actor
Magdalena Janik – dancer and actress
Anetka Murawska – actress
Thomas Kemp – actor, narrator
Przemek Straus – music and production
Julia Nowak – singing
Kacper Lewandowski – piano music
Children: Gabriella Lyttle, Santiago Palmer, Edward McMurtry, Dariel Docherty and Emilia Deeds – actors
Andrea Dymus – show producer, promoter
Lukasz Ludziejewski – sound and video, photography